January 20, 2010

Apps Weekly: Paper Toss + GTA: Chinatown Wars

I have to admit: I don't really post free games too often, but that's because they're either lite versions of full games or just plain crap. However, Backflip's free Paper Toss is a bit of an exception.

So it's a game set in an office space and it dares you to outdo high scores for each level of difficulty.

Now, at first glance, the game just looks basic and simplistic to the point of boring, but honestly, it's truly harder than it looks. To mix things up, a fan is placed for more challenge, and the wind speed and direction are varied. You'll need to position your shot carefully and flick the crumpled piece of paper wisely so you can score a point.

At some point, you'll be able to accurately estimate your moves and score a lot of points. Well, that's why there are more difficulty levels which puts the trash can further and further away from you. Hard looks especially daunting, weirdly enough, and it definitely needs you to adjust your estimates and throws.

The simplicity of the game may make you feel like it'll get old quick, but there's enough challenge (not to mention motivation) to keep you coming back. Heck, there are even online leaderboards where you can submit your score.

Weirdly enough, the sound effects you hear when you surpass a high score can get pretty motivating. Your officemates cheer for you for every point you score after you reach the high score, and when you finally screw up, well, the score resets and the crowd says "Awww...".

It's eerily effective in getting the player hooked, but it just works.

Aside from the office, you can play in the Airport...

...or in the Basement.

There's not much else to those extra levels besides new art and sound effects, heck, there aren't even any difficulty settings for the two locations. Still, it's nice to see that the devs still supply new levels to this free game from time to time.

It's definitely perfect for those times when you get bored in line or when you're waiting on the ride home. A must download.

Rating: 7/10

On the flipside, Rockstar just released a massive port of the portable game, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on the App Store.

Once again featuring Huang Lee, the Asian gangster story set in Liberty City shows how great and expansive Liberty City is, but this time with digital controls.

It features a mix of the DS and the PSP's graphics, as well as the rather immersive stylus minigames in the original DS version.

Heck, it even transitions from day to night based on the actual time, so yes, GTA occurs in real time.

Hell, it seems like Rockstar didn't even censor anything for the App Store release.

You still deal drugs!

Wonder if you can still find dildos in the trash can, lol?

As far as anyone can tell, this port is still no-holds-barred Grand Theft Auto, only on the iPhone, and wonder of wonders, in its uncensored glory.

But it's worth mentioning that it's much lower price-wise compared to its PSP or DS counterparts: $9.99.

So yeah, call this advertising, but I think GTA's a pretty good game based on my time with the DS version. There'll definitely be an adjustment period with the controls, but I'm sure it's nothing insurmountable, or game-breaking.

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