January 19, 2010

January 27 IS real. The tablet IS (likely) real.

Tablet rumors have skyrocketed even further today as Apple issued invitations for its much-rumored January 27 media event, which will reportedly see the debut of the Messiah of all tablets. Not a lot of people have particularly cared about tablets until the rumors started swirling, but since we're talking about a company that redefined the music and mobile phone markets, well, it's likely that we'll see a radically awesome product on display. Still, I can't help but feel skeptical regardless, the product will generally end up either becoming the next huge reading gadget, or it will end up an Apple TV.

Despite my reservations, I'm a tech dude so it's hard not to resist the power of anything Apple. Hell, even the tagline is a big tease, stating "Come see our latest creation.". It's highly probable that the tablet will appear, but will it truly defy all mock-ups and wet dreams?

Perhaps, to get some of the more minor (not to mention, predictable) news out of the way, I'll just say that it will definitely be a guarantee that Apple will introduce some new Magic Mouse and MacBook trackpad gestures, iLife & iWork 2010, something about Haiti, and probably something about iTunes as well.

Despite FOXNews' report of iPhone OS 4.0, it will most likely be an impossibility, as new iPhone OS releases are introduced during March, and released in June/July.

As always, this blog will be a day late with the news, but it'll still be pretty extensive, to say the least.

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