February 6, 2010

MacBook Pro to go quad core

If you know the power of a Core i7 processor, then it would be insane to have that same power engineered into a more energy-efficient chip fit for laptops. This January, Intel announced its Arrandale laptop chips and knowing the relationship between the two companies, Apple will probably be one of the first, if not the first one to hold a timed exclusivity to these chips.

And hot damn are they purportedly fast.

MacBookPro 6,1 is an unreleased revision of the MacBook Pro, and has been referenced for some time now. It runs a special build of Snow Leopard and the benchmarks presented compare favorably to Apple's most powerful offering, the Mac Pro.

It is said to be running at 2.66GHz, and the performance is looking swell.

Hopefully this is real, so if you've been itching to buy a MacBook Pro, wait a little longer. It's during these times when Apple revises their hardware.

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