February 6, 2010

Movies Opening This Week: No Fingerprints!

So okay, Robert Pattinson is gonna have a movie, but he's not in the one with the werewolf? Hmm...

The Wolfman
Universal's new classic revival, The Wolfman stars Benicio del Toro as the Victorian terror, but when it's not the full moon, his character's named Lawrence Talbot, a nobleman.

To be honest, I think the editing of this trailer of pretty cool. It introduces the main characters, but it shows a lot without actually spoiling a lot. The effects look decent, and the action looks okay, maybe the movie will be good as well?

But really, the only thing people are probably wondering is: What is Robert Pattinson working on, if it's not the Wolfman?

Remember Me
British heartthrob (heartthrob?) Robert Pattinson, affectionately referred by the news media as RPatz, stars in a movie that doesn't have the letters T, W, I, L, G, nor H in it, is it a sign that he wants to have some actual acting cred?

A coming of age love story, Remember Me is about a college boy who can't decide on anything he wants in life. The daughter of the policeman who mistakenly caught him in a fight, well, catches his eye, and together they live life and learn about love. However, Pierce Brosnan's character ain't really thrilled about it, nor is the cop dad.

Frankly, I think it's worth a look, but I'm still not sure about everything. (SEE WHAT I DID THAR?)

Something I'm sure isn't worth watching is the new Garry Marshall film...

Valentine's Day
An ensemble romantic comedy that somewhat reminds me of He's Not That Into You, this film delves deep into the lives of not one, not two, not four, but ten people whose lives get connected on, well, Valentine's Day. Whether it's more or less convoluted than He's Not That Into You is still unclear, but seriously, TEN people?

And don't get me started on that rather unsettling "joke" about the Blackberry. It's more creepy than funny.

Surprisingly composed of big name actors like Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Emma Roberts, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, and Patrick Dempsey, the romance has some box office returns going for it, but I'm just not too sure about the "love". All I know that'll likely happen in the movie is, some people will switch couples, and some people will find love.

Strikingly less contrived and convoluted is this book adaptation:

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
When Christopher Columbus put his hands on Home Alone, it became a huge Christmas hit. When he put his hands on Harry Potter, it became a full-blown franchise. Now he puts his hands on another book series called Percy Jackson & The Olympians, will these Rick Riordan's go through the same fate?

I haven't read these books, but my brother and sister are huge fans. They've noticed a lot of inaccuracies with the movie trailer, and they've booed a few of the casting choices. Now, novel-to-film adaptations are usually hit or miss, but personally the effects look okay, the actors are serviceable at best, and well, there's obviously a huge fanbase that'll nitpick the movie and rip it to pieces outright.

Whatever the fate of this movie, I don't particularly care too much. Still, Uma Thurman? Sweet.

I don't like the blatant product placement though. How does an iPod touch's back not have fingerprints? And oh, I caught this picture with mah iPhone!

And don't tell me about Pierce Brosnan. I know, he's making two appearances this week, let the man portray the old mentor in a wheelchair. He's gotta earn something somehow.

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  1. Cannot wait to see Remember Me, this looks fantastic and I am curious about Robert Pattinson's work. He is the hottest person in the world right now...setting Hollywood on fire. I cannot wait to see what he does next ;)


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