March 25, 2010


A tsunami of relatively microscopic proportions swept through my table this morning as I knocked down my glass of water (har har har) thus letting some of that water enter through the molecules of my somewhat protected iPod touch. It has a screen protector, it has a silicone back protector but the water still got inside the screen thus rendering the device a bit of an unresponsive multi-touch brick.

Luckily enough, Wi-Fi still works, earphone control still works, and Facebook was still nagging me with push notifications. System was good, but I was not able to actually use the screen; touch was unresponsive.

Since it's a 3rd gen iPod touch, warranty is still in the equation even though it doesn't really cover water damage. Scouring the Internet for solutions, I immediately saw a common answer: put the device in a bag of uncooked rice. Surely enough, I got a bit of rice and put them in plastic alongside the iPod touch, and stored it in a cabinet.

As we speak, the rice is hopefully doing its magic.

This is even sadder than 2012.

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