March 26, 2010

Requiem for an iPod?

After water, that abomination, swept into my iPod touch, I decided to follow the interwebs and put it in some rice overnight.

Today, I got the iPod out from the bag and this is what it looks like:

At an angle, the streaks of water become very apparent. Maybe I should put it in rice some more, but whatever the case it still works like it's supposed to, and that's quite a relief.

No dumb volume control glitches, no unresponsive touch screen, and no dysfunctional home button.

The screen, in the normal, upright position, doesn't even show the water. Heck, when the iPod is turned off, you couldn't even tell. In an angle, when the iPod is turned on, that's the only time the watermarks are apparent. I'm kind of bothered by them, but I suspect that they might possibly dry off any time.

Is it time for a requiem? It isn't looking necessary to me.

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