May 27, 2010

America Sucks: Loony Pundits

It's hard to appreciate your own country when you compare it to a first-world country like the United States of America, but at least there are just a few things in Philippine culture that just seem infinitely better than what you'd find in said first-world state. I don't know if I'm right with this one, but America just has a huge chunk of people who state their opinions in a glorious manner that would baffle even the most corrupt politician. It's true that any country will have its share of pundits who are out-of-touch with the actual state of things, but the percentage of them just seem negligible enough to not be an actual feature of the country's culture.

In America's case though, a lot of people in their media outlets are at fault for making this a notorious prejudice against them in the first place.

Picture it: a man on a cable news channel is high-and-mighty, sitting on his big chair and drowning in his sea of "metaphorical" dioramas and incomprehensible analogies. Does this picture sound a bit too ambiguous? Well, that's because it's a scenario that's all too familiar for those who have enough common sense not to get brainwashed.

What's worse is that there are honest-to-goodness genuine citizens who believe what they spout. They come out with their politically-charged conjecture and deliver it with such conviction that people are inclined to offer themselves to be baptised by Glenn Beck's poisonous spit; what's worse is that I'm not even sure if they're even sure of what they're saying anymore.

Making a long rant short though, it's enough for people to have a bad impression of Americans when someone proudly orates that Haiti was God's punishment for making Obama win. Two years ago. And yes, you're not mistaken about the big three letters of the Almighty; someone actually dragged His name into this.

Don't bother me with all the political party talk; about the GOP's, the LMNOP's and the ASS's. I don't give a crap about them. All I'm seeing are people who are not in touch with the planet around them, and instead, isolate themselves in their own parallel dimension- the television- all in the name of, well, "patriotism". Yeah, if you didn't laugh at their reason for being, then you might as well ring me up and ask for a cookie.

Our own country may have the overly cheesy dramas and crass noontime hosts (well, at least he's resigned), but at least we're spared all the ludicrous loons that'll exist only in America.

*Yes, I'm certainly aware that this is a one-sided, almost racist, part of the story. It is intentionally made in this outsider's point of view.

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