May 28, 2010

Plugged!: Vanguard

Whoever said that podcasts didn't contain food for thought are very much incorrect. In fact, there are some podcasts that are so thought-provoking, that they have the potential to even change your viewpoint about the world around you.

Enter Current TV's Peabody award-winning (and Emmy-nominated) documentary series Vanguard. They'll take you to places both familiar and exotic, and cover relevant topics that cover social, economic and political levels of civilization.

You'll see different points of view regarding the porn industry and its piracy problem, China's e-waste and pollution problems, and in the coming months, teen rape, North Korea (since this is the show whose once-trapped producers Euna Lee and Laura Ling work for), and Africa's Anti-Gay Law (which spells death for homosexuals living there).

It's all done professionally and, as much as possible, without bias. It's no non-sense, no-holds-barred journalism that you'll rarely see anywhere else, and it's a great show to be informed and entertained. Some shows may last longer than others, but whatever the case, the amount of things you learn is priceless and worth the time downloading.

Rudimentary iTunes Link is here, YouTube episodes here.

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