May 10, 2010

Fishy PCOS Machines Are Fishy

The first time is always going to be full of hitches, and it would be no different for these PCOS machines being used for the country's first-ever automated elections. However, reports of CF cards failing again (but seriously, who uses CF cards aside from DSLR owners?) and power failures are definitely less than satisfactory conditions for an automated election. In addition to that, don't these failures open up chances for cheating?

From the start the SmartMatic deal has been quite shady for me and while in theory the process is simple and near foolproof, long lines and system errors have plagued the entire day, so it's hard not to say that all the faultiness of the systems can be quite suspect.

Let's just hope the results are worth the trouble, long as Manny Villar doesn't win.

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