May 11, 2010

Marcoses Dominate Government

Bongbong Marcos, the senator.
Imee Marcos, the governor.


Imelda Marcos, the Congresswoman?!

Famed for her extravagant lifestyle and shoe collection, Imelda Marcos is once again in government serving as the representative of Ilocos in the House of Representatives. While 80 years old, age is not stopping her from being one of the bigger contradictions in the imminent new government. Yes, an even bigger contradiction than her husband's namesake, who is to be a senator.

Citing her experience during the Marcos era, she wishes to "uphold integrity and the truth" during her tenure.

Then again, I can't blame Imelda for getting a seat, it's the people who voted for her. Does she have a security force that mindwipes entire towns? Is it going to be 'forgive and forget' just like Erap and his mistresses and his gambling?

Now I can envision it: Arroyo will win a seat in senate in 2022.

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