May 11, 2010

VP Race More Engaging

To see Noynoy having the time of his life with a landslide win can be a bit boring. Where's the Noynoy vs. Villar action? Why does a convicted plunderer outnumber a real estate guru?

You know what, it's much more engaging to see the Vice-Presidential race, because it's neck-and-neck between Binay and Roxas. I always thought Roxas was going to be the shoo-in, so I was surprised that it had to come to this. But hey, it's fun nonetheless.

Binay as of 3:45pm has 12,860,174 votes in the can, while Roxas has 12,008,802. The next update could have Roxas capturing Binay's numbers (or not), but we'll never know now, won't we?

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