June 8, 2010

iPhone 4 (re-)revealed

Yesterday's WWDC had Steve Jobs on stage once again to show off the recently leaked new iPhone. While Gizmodo's revealing first look had them looking at hardware specs and a resolution assessment, nothing's better than details that come from the horse's mouth.
Nothing was particularly changed in the exterior, which means most of the features that were assessed during the much-storied leak have proven to be true (thus leading to Gizmodo's non-invitation) so that means, it has a brand new glass-plastic combo of an exterior, a lot of un-Apple-like seams, and separate, honest-to-goodness buttons for volume control. It runs on micro-SIM (so you may actually have to cut your SIM card) like the iPad and ships with the newly rebranded iOS 4.
The much hyped upgrade brings about some direly-needed upgrades: a 5 megapixel camera that shoots actual high-definition video plus LED flash, a front-facing camera for "one-tap video calls" through an app called "FaceTime", extravagantly upgraded motion controls thru gyroscopes, and a crazy fast Apple A4 chip. Two unexpected upgrades though, come with the doubled resolution of the screen ("Retina Display") making text sharper for that iBooks app that's coming to the phone, as well as the noise-canceling microphone, which sounds pretty cool.
Another new development comes with the fact that the phone will come in pure white; the front side of the phone shall be the same with the backside.

Supporting the announcement is a positively killer iMovie app, which lets consumers edit videos with professional sheen, and the fact that other (positively upcoming) phones will actually be able to use the video chat with the iPhone because Apple is aiming to have FaceTime become an industry standard.
I haven't really watched the WWDC keynote in its entirety, so no "impressions" for now, maybe never. For now, I have zero an idea as to how all that new crap works.

The new phone is slated for release in late June, and will roll out to 80+ countries by September, making it "the fastest international rollout yet".

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