June 5, 2010

Movies Opening This Week: Sex and the City... fo' foo's

Rue McClanahan died yesterday of a stroke, thus rendering the ever resilient Betty White becoming the last of the original Sex and the City gang- that is, The Golden Girls. While the movies releasing this week don't have jack to do with this, I just find that putting a tacked-on label to a movie involving a foursome would give me an excuse to actually acknowledge how sad this death is.

The A-Team
But people will move on, and the men will especially want to forget the images seen last week with Sex and the City and finally get revenge with their own version of that "feminist movie".

And by God does that absurd airplane-to-tank action setpiece in the last part look amazing.

Based on an old 80's series, this update has four dudes jailed for the wrong reasons, and they want to clear their name by killing the dude who framed them. This feels like the premise of The Losers, but then this is looking like its superior version, if really, you want to even talk about what movie went first.

True, true, this is another one of those updates that take advantage of the money raked in through 80's nostalgia, but hey, the action looks awesome, and a Mr. T look-alike is starring in there! You might as well be a foo' to miss this one.

Another cash-in to 80's nostalgia though?

The Karate Kid
I have no issues with Jaden Smith and his skin color, because any kid could play another version of the original 80's classic.

Still, is it just me or does this movie actually look better than expected?

A lot of people probably already know what happens in this movie, so even if the trailer spills enough to feel like spoilage, no one would really care much.

This is basically the story of a boy who gets bullied all the time... in China, because his mother wants a "better life" for them (seriously? China?). As the boy gets bullied, Mr. Miyagi, played by Jackie Chan and his rather justified thick accent, "rescues" him and decides to train him in the art of Karate.

I still can't get over at how positively good an update this movie is shaping up to be. Obviously, it will not be able to capture the hearts and minds as the original did for its generation, but the story for this updated version looks decent enough to justify a viewing, and it's not just as crappy as other people have expected. It's still a bit like a cash-in, make no mistake about it, but at least it feels as if a bit of effort was put into cinematography and the backstory with regards to the Jaden Smith character.

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