August 24, 2008

iPhone 3G Hands-on

Basically both expected and unexpected in terms of features. For one thing, typing is at least made less of a pain because of the extremely intelligent auto-correct system, the camera is pretty good for 2 megapixel (my dad is actually wanting to downgrade from 3 megapixel to 2) but surprisingly, there's no zoom! Still, I'm actually glad to see that there are sane buttons for volume and sleeping (also the equivalent for Lock). The unit overall is actually really sexy up close and personal, and to be honest, I liked the wobbly curved black back. At least there's a phone  
that's not anorexic nor boxy!

Multi-touch gestures are greatly implemented here and although it isn't always responsive, the fact that the unit can tell whether you're holding it sidewards or normally is pretty cool, and it makes browsing music or the web via 3G extremely easy.

Of course, I didn't exactly test everything. And that's because it's merely a demo model from Globe Telecom. However, based from the video that was being shown outside makes it apparent that SMS will be G-Mail like, and again, there's no MMS, but getting extremely user-friendly E-mail options that contains Yahoo! Mail which is surprisingly free even for those not using Yahoo! Mail Plus verily much makes up for it.

The music side of the iTunes store is still not available here, so advertising it will not do any good, but the App Store works... And as I said in the past few posts, there are bad ones and good ones.

It's not as feature stripped as I thought, but it's still not worth the money.

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