December 18, 2008

Metal Gear Solid, 360? Really?

Remember that naughty teaser Konami put on its website?
People all thought it was finally a port of the in/famous game Metal Gear Solid 4 for the X-Box 360, which was of course long-rumored. Unfortunately, it kinda isn't.
In fact, it has nothing to do with full-fledged consoles at all, just a pretender. And it's the iPod touch and iPhone. Yep, Metal Gear Solid is coming to the iPod touch and iPhone. The official name of the game? It's lame. Metal Gear Solid Touch. Yep. Metal Gear Soli- OHHH WHO AM I KIDDING.

Now as a consolation for the disappointed 360 owners out there, you deserve some concept art for Metal Gear Solid on the 360 at least.

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