April 7, 2009

Bookshelves become cool again

Since last year, we decided to make organizing our bookshelves (and the multitudes of ahem, back-up DVDs) an annual affair. Last year, we had to list them all down, type them all on MS Word and print about 40 pages total.

This year, we change things a bit. So I discovered this new piece of software called Delicious Library 2 for Mac OS X, and it is stunning how much it streamlines our work. All we had to do was put the book's barcode onto the built-in webcam's line of vision (and in a proper way), and 9 out of 10 of the guesses are extremely correct. The Mac would read the title out loud so you can sort of multitask. I mean, I remember one time when we scanned a few Harry Potter books. The Mac said "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling...", and in a different voice it said, "Voldemort!". That was pretty cool and pretty ROFLWTFBBQ.

Granted, Filipino books and several books are either not in the database (it uses Amazon as a base) or the barcode might be obscured too much that the camera shot gets misinterpreted (usually it becomes Tae-Bo or Lone Ranger 2), but for the most part, it works like a real charm.

It may remind you of Shelfari- only with offline access- but the program also goes beyond books.

You can also scan the barcodes of original DVDs (and at times VHS's but never VCD's)...

Audio CDs (once again, original)...

Original video games...

Hell, even gadgets!

This really makes for a great way to see if, for example, we have a certain book at hand, and it could be found in an instant due to per-letter search.

Of course, manual adding of those items is also supported.

Still, Delicious Library 2 is not just an inventory app glorified, it's also something you could use to remind yourself that, for example, item A should be returned to friend Z, or if you get robbed, you have all information in your hands with regards to purchase date, cost at the time, etc. Heck, you could also be able to see the selling value of a certain item were you to resell them on eBay or Amazon!

The program is not without its quirks, especially stability-wise and camera-wise, but this is a really impressive piece of software that deserves its own shelf in your Mac's drive.

Rating: 8.7/10

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