April 11, 2009

Movies Opening This Week: 37 Going on 17 Edition

Before I get going with this, I just have to tell you this bit of news: Dragonball Evolution is already getting a sequel.

So now that you've become traumatized yet again, I don't think I'll even have the heart to spitefully put really bad movies here for now. That's why I'm starting out with:

Slumdog Millionaire
In America, it's ancient. But in the Philippines, it's just opening. I know there are already loads of people who have the pirated DVD (and it's "DVD Copy" to boot), but it's worth paying to see. Hell, I'd like to see it on the big screen. Want a review? Here it is.

17 Again
I know what you're thinking. I know it's Zac Efron in there, but I don't think he'll be that big of a distraction in this admittedly interesting movie. Like that other movie, it has a lot of comedic potential, especially when given the right direction, and more importantly, the right acting. Perhaps I'm giving too much/little credit to Zac Efron, but what the heck, I'll give this movie a shot.

The premise here is that Chandler, I mean, Mike, tries to save this suicidal old man and winds up a teen again. Yeah, he's 17 again, thus we get Zac Efron. He decides to go back to high school so he can sort of change the way he lived it. But since he has a wife and kids, he runs into several awkward situations (I'm betting my money on Zac's character's daughter becoming infatuated with him. Awkward...) and, well, there'll be a moral about satisfaction, I'm sure of it.

To be honest, the trailer has its funny parts and that's why I'm putting it here with a cautiously optimistic eye. Check back on Rotten Tomatoes or some other review outlet you trust to see how it fares with the critics. It's pretty high right now at 83% as I write this, with some critics saying that "it's actually good" and that "it's a piece of casting genius". Some have downplayed it for "being predictable" and having a "cheese factor that lets it down", though.
I actually have to agree with another review that says, "it borrows elements from Big and Back to the Future" and it's quite true. There's something about the trailer, that I feel, resembles the latter. I just don't know why... though I half-expected his car (by 0:35 in the trailer) to become the DeLorean! That'd be... awesome.

Crank: High Voltage
Like its predecessor, this journey is an adrenaline pumping one because this time, instead of poison, Chev Chellios (played by Jason Statham, yet again) has to keep the battery charge of his heart up by electrocuting himself constantly. Yeah, it's like this huge B-movie, complete with scantily-clad ladies, swears, and action. Although I guess it has its share of comedy.

Not really expecting this movie to be a masterpiece (and it doesn't need to), but it looks like a fairly decent popcorn movie.

State of Play
A journalist gets embroiled in a conspiracy that started out as a mere reporting gig that involves a girl who was shot by (purportedly?) a congressman. Not really sure who killed the girl but whatever.

All I know is that it might either end up as a mediocre thriller, or a pretty good one. Reminds me of Zodiac somewhat. To be honest, I'm only half interested in this movie because of the star power involved (although I think Russell Crowe hired Nicolas Cage's hairstylist).

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