May 8, 2009

Amazon reveals another new Kindle

Amazon just a while ago released its new 9-inch Amazon Kindle DX to American shores. Basically, it's just the Kindle 2 inflated to become much more viewable.
But what everyone didn't hear was a low-key introduction of another Kindle called the Kindle DIX- a smaller version of the Kindle 2. Nobody in the interwebs probably covered this, probably because they didn't want 12-year olds flooding the comment boards with immature jokes, so I'm biting the bullet and publishing this first.

Anyway, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had this to say about the Amazon DIX, "It's unbelievably small, but it's not as unwieldy as you'd think," True, the same e-ink screen, Whispernet connectivity, browser and annotation support are there, "the inspiration to our unbelievably small device is actually my d--k... It's small but it functions the same as all the others and just as well too!"
Now I understand why it sounds like a 12-year old's joke in and of itself.

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