May 9, 2009

Movies Opening This Week: Will It Suck Again? Edition

Maybe Ron Howard did direct the excellent Frost/Nixon. Maybe Ron Howard can be a great director given the right material. But maybe, just maybe, lightning can strike twice in the same place.

Following up on the much-hyped, controversial but underwhelming (to say the least) The Da Vinci Code, Ron Howard and Tom Hanks team up again for another hyped up movie,

Angels and Demons
Yes, this is another Dan Brown novel, but there's something different about it. Oh yeah, the lack of a controversial theory about Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail, perhaps. But that's because this book is the prequel to that other movie.

This movie oversees Tom Hanks returning to the role of Robert Langdon, the poor man's Indiana Jones, but the mystery this time concerns the Templars... or was it the Illuminati? Oh damn, I forgot about this book... All I remember is the cool effect of the ambigram, so wait a sec, will ya?


Ah yes, now I remember. The Illuminati is an organization that wants to annihilate the Vatican through the power of anti-matter. Now, Langdon is on the run in the companionship of another woman (and no, this woman is not Audrey Tatou's character... This woman's different.) so they can stop this plot of destruction. Clearly, this anti-matter is as explosive as (or maybe even more so than) a nuclear bomb!

Will is suck again? Who knows, because it appears Sony isn't quite learning from the hype they set up with The Da Vinci Code. There was so much hype and publicity and all audiences got was a disappointment of several levels. Let's hope Angels and Demons is better.

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