August 20, 2009

iPhone App of the Week: TuneWiki

If you've noticed yourself looking for a "karaoke" feature in the iPhone instead of just a display of lyrics, then TuneWiki is definitely the app for you.

Featuring a relatively clean interface, TuneWiki is basically a bit of an extension of the iPod portion of the iPhone that utilizes your music library and lets you listen to it while displaying the lyrics currently being said ala karaoke.

One great thing about this app is that when you close it, the music continues playing anyway. But that's only applicable when you have your own music library playing. If you do choose to play their radio stations, you'll be able to do so.

For a more visual audio experience (really oxymoronic), you can also look for music videos in the YouTube database.

If you're part of its community, you can access some features like lyrics search or whatnot.

Perhaps the only complaint I have about it is that there are times when I think an option is selectable, but really isn't. Sometimes, I feel the interface borders on too minimalist. The settings screen is a good example.

A perfectly decent app for those who want to really sing along with their songs, TuneWiki offers great performance, but only under an Internet connection. Hey, it's free though.

Rating: 8/10 [It's free to sing with your songs, iTunes Store Link]

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