August 19, 2009

The PS3 Slim: For Realsies.

I've always had a bad time fathoming the fact that the PS3 was still out of reach even after 3 years, but now is the time to stop bashing and start drooling: the PS3 Slim is finally official!

Not only the size obviously much smaller and the weight lighter as connoted by the name, the price is slimmer as well... at just $299, just $50 more than a frigging Wii!

When the model first leaked, I couldn't believe it as the PS3 logo looked too China-ey. It wasn't as Spiderman-y as the original, but apparently the leak was the real Slim. But now that there are official pictures, it's much prettier.

Not only that, early PS3 users are screwed as the old model has been lowered to the same price! Whoop-de-frickin-doo for them, yay for the rest of us! Just hope the reportedly crappy PSN server isn't gonna crash after the holiday season.

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