August 21, 2009

What, no Mecha-Hitler? - Movies Opening This Week

Last week saw the release of a highly-praised sci-fi film District 9, today we see a highly-praised Quentin Tarantino film, and it's called...

Inglorious Basterds
Movies about Nazis are not particularly original, but when you put Tarantino and his wild movie geek imagination in play, you get a pretty different take on something cliche.

Basterds, while fictional, is about a team of Nazi killers who, obviously, want to kill Hitler since he killed many Jews (and yes, the Basterds are Jews). They meet a girl whose family is killed in front of her, and she too seeks out her revenge in her own way.

Expect a lot of (likely well-written) dialogue in this film, as well as a little bit of those explosions and violence, I guess. Personally, I think Brad Pitt sounds like a Southerner than a... uhh... what nationality is he supposed to be anyway? I think I heard the Germans say Yanks, so... I guess it's valid.

Long story short, I want to see this movie. But what I don't wanna see is...

I've seen this movie before, I just can't get myself to remember. Maybe a mix between Devil Wears Prada and all of the rom-coms I've ever watched with a smidge of the premise of Adventureland. But then again, just because you've seen something before, doesn't mean it's bad.

But does that stand true with this one?

I say no and that's because it doesn't look like it was made with any effort at all. Even the critics agree that it's "unambitious and lightweight". The trailer does have some funny parts, but it's not exactly anything terribly exciting.

There's also nothing terribly exciting about the more modern horror movies these days. Case in point:

The Final Destination
Judging by the title, it seems to be a reboot of a dying series. Ironic since it has the word "final" on it, but not surprising since Square has already been there done that.

Also "been there done that" is this film. Come on, you don't think that everything they'll do will be the same tired shtick everyone else has been whoring out for years?

But given the benefit of the doubt, I guess the movie's gonna be gory and more exciting in 3D. No doubt it's gonna be exploited but hey, horror in 3D is a path not always traveled. At least not in this century.

But hey, why not see the future of the reboot by looking into the sequel of another horror reboot? Yep, it's...

Halloween 2
Rob Zombie returns to helm the sequel to his reboot Halloween. Thankfully enough, it at least looks like there was a bit more effort during production, but it might be due to Zombie writing it.

I thought that it would be a bit more promising until I heard about that sister thing. Come on, isn't this something you reserve for the actual movie and not the trailer?

Regardless, it could possibly be fun, I have to admit. Still, what does it have that the original doesn't aside from the addition of a Miss Myers?

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