September 1, 2009

Apple Confirms iPod Event

In true Apple fashion, invites have finally been sent out to the tune of rock n' roll.

A little subtle spin on a Rolling Stones song, Apple has confirmed that the much-rumored September 9 event is truly happening. To be expected are refreshes throughout the entire iPod line, most likely with the addition of a camera.

Other rumors include Facebook integration and app organization with iTunes, a new album viewing experience codenamed "Cocktail", the release of iPhone and iPod touch 3.1 firmware, and the long-awaited addition of The Beatles to the iTunes Store catalogue. It is worth noting that the keynote happens the same time as The Beatles: Rock Band and the remastered Beatles collection are released.

Will Steve Jobs be presenting? Well, maybe if there's a tablet involved... which in my opinion may not be likely.

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