February 28, 2009

You Know The Movie To Watch This Week (Week 14)

Yes, the long-awaited adaptation to the much lauded graphic novel is days away. Hell, I'm intrigued and I might even read the thing.

Anyway, it's set in an alternate America in the 80's. A man who formerly was a part of a disbanded vigilante group called the Watchmen was killed. Now, a guy named Rorschach (wow, prone to misspellings)- a part of this disbanded group- investigates, only to find a rather convoluted conspiracy which involves them and their past.

Visuals look amazing as all hell (I'm bent on watching this in IMAX) and that's because Zack Snyder (300 director) is at the helm once again. March 6, 2009 for the US, not sure for our shores.

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